We Organize Design Competitions for Highly Creative Professionals

Creathlon invites you to push the boundaries of design and showcase your unique talents in our curated competitions. Join a community of visionaries and make your mark in shaping the future of architecture!

With Us You Can

Creathlon offers a stage where your creative skills flourish. Our design competitions are tailored to showcase your unique talents, providing opportunities for recognition and growth. Engage with challenges that elevate your work, drawing attention from peers and industry experts.

Stand Out

Celebrating the power of individual creativity, our platform empowers participants to take the reins of their designs, providing a stage to highlight the unique talents of today's architectural innovators.

Be In Control

We offer participants the freedom to express and realize their distinct visions for each competition. United, we applaud your individuality and inspire you to showcase your capabilities to the world!

Get Rewarded

Fair recognition of designers' contributions is a fundamental principle, as we strive to reward exceptional efforts among our top participants.

Ask Us Someting

We selected some common questions and their answers.

  • What is Creathlon?

  • Who can participate?

  • Are there any age restrictions?

  • Who is the Jury?

  • How are competitions judged?

  • What types of competitions does Creathlon offer?

  • Are there any fees associated with entering a Creathlon competition?

  • What prizes or recognition do winners of Creathlon competitions receive?

  • How can participants submit their work and what are the submission guidelines?

  • Can participants from outside the UK enter Creathlon competitions?

  • How does Creathlon support sustainable and innovative architectural practices?

  • What networking and professional development opportunities does Creathlon offer?

  • Why participate in Creathlon’s competitions?

  • How are you different than other competitions platforms?

  • Do you have more questions?

    If you have any other queries, please don ‘ t hesitate to contact us via message and we will aim to respond as soon as possible