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Competition cover imagecompetition by Creathlon Group

Envision the city of the next century!

How would Dubai look and function in the next century? We invite participants to envision the future of one of the fastest developing cities in the world! Unleash your creativity and be a part of a competition that doesn't just celebrate excellent design - it sets new benchmarks in architectural brilliance.


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  • Sites: 4 iconic sites in Dubai
  • Resources: 3D models and maps
  • Jury: Members from top firms and Academia
  • Certificate: Awarded to all winners and Mentions


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Prize pool in totalling1500 GBPand shoutouts on our social media
  • Registration closes15 Jul 2024
  • Submission ends29 Jul 2024
  • Results19 Aug 2024


Dubai has emerged as a prime example of human ingenuity and determination to transform a once harsh desert into a modern metropolis, attracting millions of people worldwide through its rapid development, businesses, and tourism.

Its contemporary high-rise architecture, comprising glass, steel, and concrete, has set new benchmarks in urban design and architecture, earning global recognition for its world-record-breaking developments.

The city is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, safety, and ambitious architectural and urban developments like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai Mall, and many others. The Dubai Frame, Museum of the Future, and Expo 2020 are recent developments that have strengthened Dubai’s reputation as a city that always strives for the impossible.

Dubai’s growth in architecture is largely due to the discovery of fossil fuels and the global market’s trade opportunities. However, Dubai is now looking to transform into a sustainable and distinctive city, breaking away from its current economic model.

Dubai is committed to promoting sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity, investing in sustainable infrastructure, technologies, and green transportation. It has become a leader in smart cities, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, attracting innovative and entrepreneurial minds from around the world.

Dubai is also committed to promoting social cohesion and tolerance, home to people from over 200 different nationalities. It is creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all, attracting and retaining top talent from around the world, and ensuring that it remains a beacon of hope and progress for the region.

As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown. Sir Norman Foster

As Dubai looks to the future, it is seeking to transform into a sustainable and vibrant urban landscape that expresses its local culture and its relationship with a global population. The competition invites participants to share their ideas on what kind of radical and innovative developments could ensure Dubai remains at the forefront of humankind and becomes a world-leading sustainable city.

Explore the potential for Dubai to become a global leader in addressing climate change, conserving natural resources, and promoting a circular economy, all while maintaining its status as a hub for business, tourism, and innovation. Your ideas hold the power to shape the cities of tomorrow and inspire the world.

What is your vision for Dubai in the 22nd century?

Join us in shaping the future of Dubai and the world!


We have selected four sites that express a variety of the city key typologies. You will be able to express and develop concepts in one of these sites.

Deira Map

Deira Islands recently rebranded as Dubai Islands is a new front for development and expansion for the City of Dubai


Coastal Developments

Deira Islands, rising from the Arabian Gulf, rejuvenate Dubai's historic Deira district into a modern tourist and commercial epicenter. This 15.3 square kilometer man-made marvel showcases masterful planning, blending luxury with practicality in an innovative coastal design.


Future Living

The islands promise architectural diversity, from waterfront resorts to the expansive Deira Mall with its retractable roof. Each structure, whether residential, retail, or recreational, stands as a symbol of contemporary innovation, underscoring the grand vision behind the project.


Island Infrastructure

Prioritizing sustainability and community, Deira Islands will feature green spaces, pedestrian boulevards, and beaches. Traditional souks and amphitheaters further enrich the blend, offering both luxury and a vibrant cultural immersion.


Key Dates

Our detailed timeline of key dates and stages of the competition process.


15 Apr 2024

At this stage, all information and media will be released to the public through our channels.

Registration Start

15 Apr 2024

Once registrations starts, participants can sign up at one of the 3 stages - Early Bird(GBP35/45), Regular(GBP45/55) and Last Call(GBP55/65).Each period lasts 1 month.

Jury Announced

17 May 2024

The competition Jury will be announced half-way through the competition.

Registration Ends

15 Jul 2024

As registration closes we will no longer accept participants. Submission portal opens to participants.


29 Jul 2024

Submission Deadline will be on 29th of July 2024 23:59PM BST.

Finalist Selection

5 Aug 2024

Finalists will be selected from all submissions.

Jury Summoning

12 August 2024

Once finalists are confirmed we will summon the jury to review and select the winners.

Winners Announced

19 Aug 2024

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded to all respective teams/individuals, followed by a media campaign to celebrate all finalists.


The competition awards three main prizes for top entries and 15 honorable mentions.

Competition prizes list
1stGBP700 + Certificate + Custom Trophy1
2ndGBP500 + Certificate1
3rdGBP300 + Certificate1
Honorable MentionCertificate15


Our jury, composed of experienced professionals and academics, guarantees a comprehensive and expert evaluation of all entries.

  • Jury ember image

    Calin Negret

    Senior Designer, Zaha Hadid Architects

    Calin is a Senior Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, contributing to innovative projects worldwide. Notably, his computational design skills played a key role in the development of Tower C in Shenzhen, an iconic twin tower. He has also worked at Gensler in London. With a diverse background in architecture and computational design, Calin has applied his expertise to projects ranging from urban planning and architectural design to industrial design and virtual reality environments. In his approach, Calin uses modern tools to create seamless design experiences from concept to final product. His holistic design thinking ensures cohesive, impactful results that enhance both visual and functional aspects while promoting efficiency and sustainability.

  • Jury ember image

    Iulia Ilie

    Senior Landscape & Urban Designer, Bjarke Ingels Group

    Iulia is a Project Lead in the Landscape and Urban Design Departments and Senior Landscape Designer in Bjarke Ingels Group, London Office. She has extensive experience with multi-disciplinary masterplans and typologies (particularly public realm, mixed-use, residential) and regions (UK, Middle East, Europe), with an academic background in architecture and urban design completed in Belgium and Romania. Iulia has been working as an urbanist for 5 years and as an architect for 8 years, making her approach a comprehensive and holistic one, with a focus on nature-based solutions, ecological restoration and research & design methodology in challenging climates.

  • Jury ember image

    Rahesh Ram

    Associate Head of School of Design, The University of Greenwich

    Rahesh Ram serves as the Associate Head of School of Design at the University of Greenwich, where he has been nurturing architectural minds for nearly two decades, teaching BA and MA design units. He is the leading tutor for Unit 12, dedicating himself to hands-on education that fosters critical thinking and creativity among the next generation of designers. His academic interests lie at the intersection of narrative architecture and speculative design. Additionally, Rahesh contributes to the development of the curriculum as the Lead of the Masters Programme at the University of Greenwich.

  • Jury ember image

    Soham De

    Director & Co-founder, EcoResponsive Environments

    Soham is a co-founding director of EcoResponsive Environments, a London-based architectural and urban design firm dedicated to sustainable, low-carbon projects. His work includes award-winning masterplans for Letchworth Garden City and the zero-carbon Heath Business Park, later recognized for its innovation with accolades such as the Golden Pineapple and a National Urban Design Award. Soham has also served on the Pineapple Awards jury and co-authored EcoResponsive Environments. His artistic contributions extend to multiple exhibitions and book illustrations.


We selected some common questions and some answers.

  • What is expected in this competition?

  • Who is this competition for?

  • What submission format is required?

  • Is there any age restriction?

  • When is the deadline for submission?

  • What are the prizes for the winners?

  • What are the entry fees?

  • What type of competition is this?

  • What materials will be provided to assist in the development of idea?

  • Where is the site located?

  • What drawing techniques are required?

  • What is the assessment criteria?

  • Does the entry require urban design, architectural design or both?

  • Who is the jury formed of?

  • Can you remove existing buildings?

Do you have more questions?

If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to contact us via message and we will aim to respond as soon as possible!



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